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Hello.  This is, Levi Knight, the creator of Leviscoolnesstimes5.  I live with my three brothersKaleb, age 12;  Nikolas, age 8; and Asher, age 5; and one sister, Grace, age 10. My mother, Angela, has a full time job of teaching and raising us. My dad, Kris, is a stone mason, laying brick, block, and rock . We have a yellow lab named Big Jake and two cats; one is named Chopper, and the other is named Puff. As I hinted earlier, my siblings and I are home schooled.  I spend my Sunday’s at faith journey church.  My hobbies include hunting, camping, hiking, biking, playing chess, playing video games, and chilling with friends.  But the most important thing about me is I’M COOL.