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As you saw the title of this post is “my SUPER COOL blog class.” Why is “super” and “cool” in caps?   Because I almost never say “super cool” and if I do it’s only if some thing is really SUPER COOL.

Yes, I’m taking a class on blogging because I was not born with the ability and I’m too lazy to learn how to do it by myself.  It is an ETC class taught by Mrs. Williams and it would not be that COOL of a class if it were not for her.  My classmates include Aaron, Abigail, Catiy, Rachel and Hannah.  In the class, we have mostly been learning about how to set up a blog and the basics of how to use one.  We have also worked on an ETC youth blog and you can see that at  Well that is pretty much my SUPER COOL class and how I learned  how to blog.